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Gift your child

10 adorable
personalized songs
with his/her name in it!

Hearing your name in an animated Namesong® video can be the most unforgettable & educational experience for a child.

Jean Bassplaya

Book your Namesong® bundle with 10 Namesongs for $30

Book your Namesong® bundle with 10 Namesongs for $30



Tarmo Sikk

It all started one night when we had a picnic with my friends and their families. Marco, one of our friends, was jamming on his guitar and started to sing to our friends' 2-year old daughters and then added their names to the song.

We'll never forget the reaction on their faces - the wonder, the excitement, the love and pure joy. We knew right there and then how wonderful that would be if every kid could have the experience of hearing their name in a song.

Just like that NAMESONG® was born.

I have always wanted to go to the moon but since I didn’t study to become an astronaut I instead share my gift of singing and writing songs. I have been singing since I was on my grandad’s shoulders from the age of three.

Teaming up with NAMESONG® is a dream come true as I can share my dream passion with the world - singing and writing. From my experience working at a nursery, I know that NAMESONG® personalized music is something special that children and parents will really enjoy together, over and over again.

Renae Rain
Namesong Development Team



10 Reasons to book Namesongs

NAMESONG® music is super cute, and we have got 100% thumbs up from parents!
Hearing your name in a song is fascinating and fun for children. Adults love it too!
All the songs are written to be educational - learn while you are being entertained!
Stop giving the same old boring and impersonal gifts. NAMESONG® music is personal and unforgettable - a perfect gift!
Wake up your little sleepy-heads with the “good morning” song, and they’ll never be gloomy in the morning…
Too tired or no time for a bedtime lullaby? Put NAMESONG® to work and let us do the lullaby for you :)
Open your child’s mind to different genres of music: a bit of reggae, jazz, hip-hop and pop music - all personalized!
Unlike other typical children songs, you can listen to Namesongs again and again without getting tired!
NAMESONG® is like a harmless digital nanny - allowing parents to do other things knowing their child is safe and happy.
The world will be a better place if there are beautiful personalized NAMESONG®'s for every child :)


Since we admire all things natural, we rely on a natural human voice. The same goes for all the music - all the instruments are recorded by musicians in an excellent studio to get the best possible quality. The personalization process is also done in a studio where the singer sings carefully in all the names to make sure they fit the song perfectly and sound authentic and natural to our little listeners :)
Our dream is to sing in as many names as possible, so we want to be ahead of the game and start singing in the names as busy bees would do :)
Shortly after receiving 1000 bookings, we will start a Kickstarter campaign. So, please share if you care.
There will be a limited amount of Super Early Bird offers available, and we will send the start time of the Kickstarter campaign exclusively to the kind believers who have signed up here. We will do it well in advance so you'll have time to set a date in your calendar :)
Due to the Kickstarter policy, we can collect the names only after the campaign. We will know the timeframe from what point to deliver to the first EarlyBird customers once the Kickstarter campaign starts. We will let you know!
After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the NAMESONG®️ bundle for your selected name will be available at It's going to be just like "baby Netflix". Every user will have an account where they can enjoy purchased content on a computer or a smartphone with their little one(s).
Unfortunately, not yet. But, we are planning to add also Spanish and Portuguese as our following languages.
Unfortunately, not yet. You can see some sample videos at
NAMESONG®️ owns all the rights to the songs (except Twinkle, Twinkle, which is public domain) and animations.
Unfortunately not possible - we are solely doing our own productions. If Elton John would like to collaborate with us, we wouldn't say no :)
Yes, you can change or add details by contacting us via the contact form on our landing page or through messenger chat.
When you leave your email contact and desired name for songs on our landing page, we do not ask for any payments - it is only for booking your place to be notified in first order when the Super Early Bird offer is available on Kickstarter. You can purchase it on Kickstarter. Cancellation at Kickstarter can be made only during an active campaign.

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