NAMESONG is a collection of cheerful and educational children's songs with your kid’s name in it. Every NAMESONG is dedicated especially to your kid and every music piece takes your kid to a different exciting adventure!

For example your kid can wake up with NAMESONG “Morning song”, learn how to eat healthy with “Good food song”, learn the alphabet with “Alphabet song” and travel around the world, discover new places with “Travel song” and much more.

All NAMESONG songs are written and performed by well-known and established songwriters and singers from England, Brazil, Germany etc. All our songs are well produced and the inclusion of any child’s name giving them a natural individualised sound. The songs and names are all sung in each language by the same singer making the insertion of any name seamless.

Considering child’s development and imagination we have
combined 3 important components:


Music affects the growth of a child’s brain academically, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It ’s the universal language every person understands.


Animated stories nourishes a child’s imagination and fosters their emotional construct. A person receives 90% of information through their eyes.


A name makes every person unique in a way. Kids love to hear their name. Attention is very important for children – they always need some encouragement and support.

What makes our
songs special?

Every song we create is personalised. Every child
gets to listen to all our songs with his/her name in it.
It gives the child all the attention when listening to
our different themed songs.