16 Personalized Songs for Children – Featuring Your Child’s Name on CD


You get 16 personalized tunes on CD where singers sing name 2-3 times per song. Wrapped in a cute envelope with a perconalized cover.

SKU: 16-personalized-songs-for-children-featuring-your-childs-name-on-cd


We believe in the power of music to educate and entertain young minds. Our personalized songs are carefully crafted by our international songwriters to captivate and inspire, combining the magic of music with the joy of learning. Each song is tailored to your child’s name, creating a unique and unforgettable musical experience.
According to the feedback we have received from parents, it is considered intelligent entertainment for kids through various music styles.
With a variety of musical styles to choose from, including pop, rock, jazz, reggae, classical tune Twinkle Twinkle, and more, there’s something for every little music lover. Whether your child dreams of dancing with dinosaurs, exploring outer space, or sailing the high seas, our songs bring their imagination to life in melody and rhythm.


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